Friday, December 4, 2009

backlog p.2

Nov 20: Wrote you are beautiful just the way you are!! inside the cover of a stupid girly mag with a cover title saying how to combat the muffin top.. grrrr

nov 21: I am really great at bringing people together and lOVE IT

nov 22: I am honest.. even when it is hard and akward and confrontational.. in a non-violent way.. but still.. honestly is always harder than white lies

nov 23: I giggle alot... in fact.. last weekend my giggling set off a motion detector..

nov 24: I actually do vs. say

nov 25: I have incredible, non-superficial friends, and I think this is a reflection of myself..

nov 26: I have the ability to converse with anyone..

nov. 27: I am really great at exploring and getting to know cities and sharing this information with others... ( although in blog form I may not be the best.. it really helps to move somewhere and know someone that knows the city.. I am one of those people

nov. 28: I am not embarassed to make mistakes.. or a fool out of myself for that matter

nov 29: I have a really free light spirit

nov 30: I see the beauty above anything else in others (for the most part, and at least at first impressions)

dec 1: these last few days have been really challenging. Those thoughts of eternal loneliness in Canada due to my lack of immediate attractiveness are creeping into my brain and I feel like crap..

Dec 2: I am a kick-ass cook! Can make anything out of nothing... and it will be delicious.

dec 3: Today I created a warm and welcoming home for my friend Julia to come home to, I knew this would make her happy... friends and yummy food = happiness.. today André and I were talking about people that really feel comfortable in situations and the cool things that result...will explain more another day.. off to another dinner date

dec 4: I consistently think of others vs myself... although this is a double edged sword